Ville Voisin in winter
Magical winter scene at Chateau de Ville Voisin
Ville Voisin in summer
Magical summer scene

The quickest route to La Ville Voisin and the heart of Brittany is by air with the final part of the journey made with a hire car picked up from Dinard or Rennes airports. The lists below are intended as guides to what is available and are not recommendations of any specific business. The french supermarkets Super U, ELeclerc, Intermarche and Carrefour are all in close vicinity to the airports and are very competitive for car hire and fuel. You could pick up your car and shopping in one visit!

By order of the Duchess of Brittany all roads in the region are toll free. So you’ll find no tolls coming from St Malo, Caen, Cherbourg, Brest or Rennes to Ville Voisin. However, if you go out of Brittany it is different! Nantes is in The Loire Atlantic and there are no toll roads here, either.

Normal roads, unless built up areas or signed is 90km, dual carriageway 110km and auto-routes (motorways) can be up to 130km but the limit is reduced by 20km in wet conditions.

Routine stops by the gendarmes can happen and it is law in France to carry your driving license and all your insurance documents, as well as fluorescent vests, triangle, torch, first aide kit etc. without which it can lead to on the spot fines.

Directions from Augan to La Ville Voisin

After N 24 follow signage to Augan and turn right at the church on to the D134 towards Monteneuf and Caro. Travel approximately 2kms, past the turning on the left to ‘Le Ville Gueho’ and then take the second left hand turn on a sharp right hand bend signed ‘La Ville Voisin’.

Chateau address:
La Ville Voisin
Augan 56800
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+33(0)2 97 93 42 95
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