La Ville Voisin is situated in quiet rural countryside on the edge of the forêt de Brocéliande (forêt de Paimpont), more than 7000ha. This area is noted for its’ beautiful mature oak and beech woodland, lakes and mythology. It is where the Bretons believe the legend of King Arthur took place and with the dramatic scenery and addition of many prehistoric features, such as megalithic stones, it is easy to envisage such tales.

old postcard view of Chateaux de Ville Voisin

La Ville Voisin is also close to the 5250 ha military site, Le Camp de Coëtquidan. This is a military school created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 and forms part of 6 local communes including Augan. It is noted for its wild natural landscape and has a military museum open to the public.

view of the Chateau de Ville Voisin's tower

It is believed the first stones of the Château de la Ville Voisin were laid in 1370. Extensions and alteraions were made in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.