mountain all terrain biking in woods around Ville Voisin

VTT (Velo Tout Terrain) all terrain biking is a popular endurance sport that can be enjoyed at all levels and for differing distances according to ability (25kms, 37kms, 45kms and sometimes 56kms).

Morbihan leads the way in VTT with the biggest variety of tracks many of which can be found not far from the Chateau and linked to the Voie Vert, a large network of unmotorised routes of former railway lines and canal paths. Advertised as ‘Rando VTT’, events are held generally every Sunday.

Rando (walking) VTT enables the energetic family members to improve their aerobic and competitive capacities on bike, while the others can take their own time to walk the easier routes and still enjoy the nature and countryside.